The Best of British DVD

Dear All,

I've produced a recording of your fantastic show, using a camera shooting from the back of the theatre; you can purchase your order, here, by purchasing the €10 token. Click on the picture to the right and then click on 'BUY', (bottom-right corner of the screen), and then 'FROM THIS GALLERY'; finally, click on as many tokens as you wish to buy.

You'll be directed to purchase a digital download, (of the picture, only), and in this way, I will receive your payment. All DVDs will be distributed by the New Twist/BoB Team.

Whilst the DVD costs just €10, purchasing here will require a €1.50 processing fee, which my gallery service takes, automatically. You can, of course, pay cash or cheque, via the New Twist/BoB team. 

NB:   Before proceeding with the DVD production/burning, I will cross-check your details using your info/payment details with the orders taken by the New Twist/BoB team; if you are ordering, here, separately, please, confirm your order with the receipt info that you'll receive upon purchase by writing me at:

If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to contact me via my email or my mobile:   0622184284

buy DVD token(s), below...


Congratulations on a fantastic show. I thoroughly enjoyed both nights and whilst going through these pics, I've been smiling from ear to ear! You can download any/all pics by purchasing them as Digital Downloads, €1 each; please, note, however that you can download the entire gallery for €15! Once downloaded, you can print and/or share the images as you wish, although, I'd appreciate a credit: Mark Ward,

PRINTING: you can also order a wide range of print products, here. Please, note that sizes are listed in INCHES! Prices and shipping should beat anything you find on the high street and products will be shipped to your door. Hope you like them and BRAVO once again!


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