IST Graduation Ball 2016

Congratulations to all! An end of an era and new beginning...

Below, you can find two galleries of this year's IST IB Graduation Ball; on the left, a documentary style collection of the evening, from which you can download for free, (the download button/icon is an arrow pointing down to a flat/horizontal line!), on the right, a collection of group shots and portraits...

The second gallery requires payment should you wish to download or print; products are individually priced. You can order anything from regular printed photos to framed posters to canvass wall mounts to desktop acrylic paperweights!

Go through the Automated ordering service - integrated into this gallery service - to browse product options and prices(DIGITAL DOWNLOADS = free shipping!)

To save on shipping, all products must be ordered through our ORDER FORM and orders must be received before 8th July, shipping = €6 per order. Once I receive all orders, bundled together, I will forward to your delivery address, so don't forget to fill in your details to the order form and return to us, (payment via cheque or bank transfer required!)

- unless you wish to order via the online automated service through which shipping will cost €25 per order, (no time limit); this method allows you to pay via credit/debit card with delivery direct, from the printers, to your delivery address.

Please, contact me if you need any help at all, and, once again, congratulations to students, families and the IST!

Mark Ward

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